From Piero Eduardo, more Rossi material. A 1960s catalog, and a business card with the industry's most charming logo of all time. It even beats the happy guy with the skipping pipe that fronts for Pipepages! More, on and off, as the holidays progess....

As I noted earlier, Jean-Paul Isnard sent along a 1972 flyer for Pierre Morel (Fr., 1908-1979). Jean-Paul received the scans from Pierre's son (also Pierre), who is also a pipemaker (Pierre Morel Pipes). Merci, Jean-Paul!

I am really delighted to present another submission from Piero Eduardo. This fascinating publication commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Rossi Pipes. The photos are a wonderful glimpse of an industry in its heyday. I have several more submissions from Piero to add in the coming days, as well as a neat Pierre Morel catalog from French Pipepages reader, Jean-Paul Isnard. Stay tuned!
Pipepages reader Piero Eduardo sent me these scans of a Pre-war Rossi catalog. Piero tells me that in its heyday, the Italian company Rossi produced 50,000 pipes per day!

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