A most comprehensive starting point.
Alt.Smokers.Pipes Homepage Another excellent starting point, with wonderful archives and other resources.
Pfeifenbox Martin Farrent's Excellent German/English pipes webzine. While publishing has been on hiatus for a while now, it is still a must read!
North American Society of Pipe Collectors "If you have one pipe, you're a pipe smoker. If you have two pipes, you're a collector."
UK Collector Derek Green has been putting together a nice site, with history on a few English brands-- largely illustrated from his own fine collection. He has been focusing lately on Comoys history. Owned and maintained by Jeff Folloder. Here you can find a fabulous collection of the above mentioned Talbert Pipes, as well as Dunhill Patents and other info, including good stuff on Scotch Malt Whiskey.
G L Pease A commercial site, homepage for Gregory Pease's pipe tobacco company. His essays, musings and reviews are extraordinarily well written (under Thoughts & Words).
Talbert Pipes Also a commercial site, homepage for Trever and Emily Talbert's workshop in Herbignac, France. His People, Places and Adventures under Life in France are fascinating and funny reading.
Grayfox Online Forum is one of several good websites devoted to pipe smoking and collecting. There is a strong interest in Kaywoodie among the participants, several of whom have made major contributions of material to this site.

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