A Partial Chronology of Kaywoodie Grades, Shapes and Prices (1936 - 1969)


Robert W. Stokes, Ph.D.

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Collector's Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes:

A Partial Chronology of Kaywoodie Grades, Shapes and Prices (1936 - 1969)


by Robert W. Stokes PhD.



Much of the inspiration for this undertaking came from William R. "Bill" Lowndes. The credit for the majority of the information used in compiling this Guide certainly belongs to Mr. Lowndes. This work would not have been possible without his contributions and encouragement.

The contributions of Brenda Manak in processing the manuscript are gratefully acknowledged. Her patience in making the many revisions that were needed as this monograph evolved is greatly appreciated.

The author gratefully acknowledges the S.M. Frank Co. for their kind permission to reproduce portions of the Kaywoodie Catalogs used in compiling this Guide. The assistance of Mr. Andrew Trivento is especially appreciated.

The author, of course, remains responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the information presented in this monograph.


To Pam, Genna, Addie and Sarah, for tolerating my fascination with pipes, old books, flea markets and fractal geometry.



A note regarding the online version

The Collector's Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes is available on Pipepages with the kind permission of the author, Dr. Robert Stokes.

Whenever possible, we have used scans of the original catalogs shown in the print edition. The text has been re-set, and the tabular data re-formatted.  The sequence of The Guide remains essentially unchanged, however the original pagination has not been retained.  Navigation, necessarily, is slightly different.

Any links or references which are not a part of the print edition are noted through the use of "Pipepages red" borders or fonts.

Robert W. Stokes is the author and copyright owner of the following sections. Any reproduction or distribution of this work should be with his permission.

Pipepages would also like to thank Rob Alexander, for the loan of the text; the participants of the Gray Fox Online Forum, for thinking of the idea in the first place; and Bill Feuerbach, of SM Frank, for the loan of several catalogs used for illustrations to replace the original photocopies,

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